hey, i’m so happy to finally share my music with you!
i was born on december 4th, 1992.
jay-z and i share the same birthday.
one day we’ll have a joint bday party together, hopefully.
i grew up in the green mountains of vermont.
i’ve been singing since i was born & writing songs since around age 3.
when i was 17, i moved to new orleans to study music and made amazing friends, got a cat (luna), learned, sang, danced, wrote, ate, laughed, cried, etc.
when i was 16, i met bryn bliska and now we make music together.
for “something different” she wrote the music, played keys, produced & engineered the track.
i wrote the vocal melody and lyrics to the song, sang it & produced as well.
thank you for listening.
much love, xo ariana

(special thanks to my original fans: mom, dad, sage, bryn, hannah, alex, lee, the bliskas, dreux montegut, my family, great friends, music teachers, other teachers, and beyoncé. i am very grateful for the love & support & inspiration.)